The Excel Worksheet (Spreadsheet) and Workbook

An Excel worksheet, or spreadsheet, is a two-dimensional grid with columns
and rows. Look at the spreadsheet below. The column names are letters of the alphabet starting with A, and the rows are numbered chronologically starting with the number one. The cells in the first roware A1, B1, C1, and so on. And the cells in the first column are A1, A2, A3, and so on. These are called cell names or cell references.
We use cell references when creating math formulas or functions. For example, the formula to add the contents of cells B2 and B3 together is: =B2+B3.

The Name Box is located in the area above Column A, and displays the cell
reference of the selected cell – the cell where the cursor is resting. In our
spreadsheet above, the selected cell is C2. Notice that the column letter (C)
and the row number (2) change color.

The beginning of the Formula Bar can be seen in the area above Column D
on our worksheet. The Formula Bar displays the contents of the selected cell.
A workbook is a collection of worksheets or spreadsheets. When the Excel
program is opened, a workbook opens with three blank worksheets.

The names of the worksheets are displayed on tabs at the bottom of the Excel

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