Management apprenticeships

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

We’re in a new business era. It’s crucial to equip future leaders and managers to navigate the evolving work landscape. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the UK currently has an estimated 2.4 million untrained ‘accidental managers’, with poor management costing employers around £84 billion a year. Management apprenticeships from City Skills offer a solution.

 It is time to change the way we prepare the next generation of leaders.

Leadership and management training through an apprenticeship is a great way to learn the theory behind the latest techniques while being able to apply this theory to practical situations on a daily basis. 

Our Programmes

Our programmes are aimed at building and developing the capabilities of your current or new managers and leaders. City Skills’ management experts will challenge each learner through professional coaching and training. This develops the core skills needed to be a successful leader in a fast-changing digital environment. We measure the program’s success not just by the skills acquired, but also by its impact on your organisation. We recruit highly qualified industry professionals as tutors. This allows them to bring real-life example case studies to their lessons and to share experiences with your employees

How to develop good management skills?

The good news is that you can learn, hone, and develop all the required competencies for becoming a good manager through an apprenticeship. 

Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3
Operations/ Departmental Manager Level 5
Coaching Professional Level 5

The Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3 apprenticeship is for those in first-line management roles, with operational, project management responsibilities or responsibility for managing a team to meet clear objectives or deliver a clearly defined set of outcomes. It is for those new or aspiring managers that want to develop their leadership and management skills, while applying their knowledge to real-life work situations.

The Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship is a Level 5 qualification, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree that is great for individuals responsible for managing teams or projects to achieve departmental goals as part of an overall organisational strategy. For employers, it is an excellent way to upskill a workforce or develop new people ready for more senior management positions. It is designed to deliver a broad range of practical management knowledge and skills and provide the tools needed to progress further on a management journey.

The Coaching Professional Apprenticeship ensures business coaches have the advanced theory, skills, and strategies to engage and empower others to enhance their professional performance. Professional coaching can build the self-belief of others encouraging them to be curious and self-aware, making them better equipped to collaborate, innovate and deal with daily challenges and the fast pace of change.