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Why leave a review of your Apprenticeship experience with City Skills?

We’re all about making apprenticeship training better for everyone involved. Your feedback is a key part of that mission. Here’s why it’s important for employers and apprentices to leave a review about the training we provide:

  1. Ongoing Improvements: Apprenticeship reviews help us spot what’s working and what isn’t. We use your comments to make our training programs even better. Your input guides us as we tweak and refine things to keep our training up to date and relevant.
  2. Tailoring the Learning Experience: Apprenticeships are all about learning and your feedback helps us make it a more personalised experience. When you tell us about your experiences, challenges, and achievements, we can adjust our teaching methods and support to suit you better.
  3. Community: Your reviews create a sense of belonging within our company. They encourage honest conversations among employers, apprentices and our team. Your insights bring different perspectives together and help us create a friendly and inclusive learning atmosphere.
  4. Recognising Great Work: Leaving a review also lets us celebrate the fantastic work our trainers, coaches and staff do. Positive feedback keeps us motivated and reminds us of what makes our training special.
  5. Helping Others Make Smart Choices: By sharing your experiences, you’re helping future apprentices and employers make informed decisions. Your review can be a valuable guide for them in picking the right apprenticeship programme, making the process more transparent and trustworthy.
  6. Holding Us Accountable: Public reviews keep us accountable for the quality of our training. They tell us what’s going well and what needs fixing. When you leave a review, you’re a part of our mission to be the best we can be.

Thanks for being a part of our journey to improvement!

Apprenticeship Review

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