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South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust Achieves Continuous Improvement through Apprenticeships

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with City Skills to deliver the  Improvement Leader Apprenticeship in order to provide support for its front-line teams to make improvements and efficiencies in all of their projects. 

Traditionally, continuous improvement in healthcare settings is a systematic approach to enhancing quality and outcomes of care, safety, patient experience and process efficiency. The goal of Lean Six Sigma-based (LSS) continuous improvement is always to achieve excellence or perfection by establishing ways of working that maximise value, remove waste and support frontline staff to identify the root causes of problems in systems and processes and develop solutions to rectify them.

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has sought to enhance this approach, by recognising the importance of supporting its workforce through change projects and to achieve the high impact and sustainable improvement needed for successful change the need for dedicated support within its Learning and Development (L&D) function to engage, empower, develop, and support its wider workforce.


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