About City Skills

About City Skills

Our Golden Circle

What is different about City Skills? What we do and how we do it is important but why we do it is even more so. We work hard to create a workplace that puts people; learners, tutors, staff and clients at the heart of what we do. City Skills respect the value of each individual, meaning the people we work with and support are more than their job title. We want to ensure that everyone within the organisation – and those we work with as clients can buy in to our shared culture. This means that when we bring new staff or employers on board, it becomes quite simple for both parties to determine if we’re a good match. As we continue to grow, we will keep this culture because it’s central to our organisation.


About City Skills 1

Although we are based near London and work across England, we consider all of our people as of one team.

Despite our continued growth and geographical spread, we work hard to retain the vision and values at our heart. We celebrate the positive, hard work, and people-centric approach taken by our management, staff and tutors. Ensuring our people are happy and engaged.

Company culture starts with the leadership group; City Skills was started by two partners who grew the company in their image. They had a vision for what they wanted the organisation to be, and what they wanted it to represent. They’ve worked really hard to maintain that core vision and grow the company along the same principles. 

Putting people first

About City Skills 2

We believe in creating a workplace that puts people at the heart of all we do. This means treating people as far more than their job title and respecting and valuing every individual. Who in turn will contribute more fully to their role.

As a business we invest time and energy into the learners we support to enable them to reach their potential. We believe that our team should have access to the same development opportunities, so they can progress and develop in their careers too.

City Skills prioritise output over hours, nurturing ideas and creativity while treating failure as a learning opportunity. We allow our teams autonomy in their role. Staff can choose their development pathways which can support career and business growth.

Aligning our clients with our culture

About City Skills 3

Our efforts in establishing a positive culture at City Skills is a conscious effort to engage and develop our staff. This brings stability and allows us to offer more consistency to our clients and learners, but we also want to work with businesses that share our culture. It is a partnership between provider and employer and so aligning values at the outset of any relationship makes for a smoother journey. We work with clients who want to nurture their staff. Give them the time and support they need to develop and study and take an active role in their development.

When two organisations work in partnership to achieve a shared output, which is to have people that are better qualified, more rounded, and more motivated at the end of their training program, it offers a range of benefits to learners and employers. 

About City Skills DNA

To crystallise what was important to us as an organisation we have captured it as our D.N.A.

The City Skills DNA is a blueprint of who we are, and why we do what we do. It’s at the heart of our culture and defines how we want to do things. How we engage with one another, collaborate with our employers, and nurture the knowledge and skills of our learners and the relationships we build with our stakeholders.

DNA explained

Developing stands for developing people, our cultural relationships and the opportunities we create internally and externally. We’ve got ambitions to continue to grow our business, our offer and that means developing the people who work for us as well as supporting the learners and employers we work with.  

Nurturing represents our vision to support the personal and professional development of the people we work with. This includes apprentices but it is also really important to us that we ensure our people continue to grow by having access to the same development opportunities. Colleagues express their ‘why’, so we can understand their motivation. What drives them to want more, to do more, so we can align their goals, their passions and skills with our needs as a business.

Our Approach is to deliver blended learning in an inspiring way through cohort delivery that has a lifelong impact. We make sure that the people who deliver our programmes are not only subject matter experts, but have strong sector backgrounds and are respected within their industry so they in turn can inspire a new group of people because of their passion for their chosen subjects.