What’s New in Excel 2010
With the introduction of Excel 2010, Microsoft is putting the focus on
analysing data, visualising trends, and sharing the results. Along with
enhancements to existing functionality made across the board, Excel 2010
comes with a few new features too.

New Features of Excel 2010
 Slicer – a filter enhancement for PivotTables that helps us to quickly
and intuitively drill down and analyse data in our spread sheet.

 Sparklines – tiny charts designed to fit in a cell that helps us to
visualise trends in the underlying data.

 Share – publish to a SharePoint compatible server. You and your
colleagues can then work on the same worksheet simultaneously.

 Conditional formatting – conditional formatting is much improved. It
gives you more control over styles and icons, there are improved data
bars, and you have the ability to highlight specific items in a few
clicks. You also can display data bars for negative values to more
accurately illustrate your data visuals.

 Protected View for downloaded items – Excel 2010 prevents you
from editing downloaded content without your consent.

 64-bit support – in fact, all of the Office 2010 apps offer 64-bit
support giving you greater processing power.

The file you create and edit in MS Excel is called a workbook. You can create
an Excel workbook from a blank workbook or from an existing, customizable
Excel template. Each workbook file contains many worksheets, which are
comparable to individual pages in a Word document. A worksheet is also
referred to as a spreadsheet or a sheet, and you can use these terms
interchangeably. This book also uses the terms “workbook” and “file”

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