Complementary Level 1 Award in Safeguarding in a Learning Environment

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Please complete the questions for the following units.

Completing all the units will enable you to gain a Level 1 CPD qualification in Safeguarding in a Learning Environment.

Unit 1 – Understanding the need for safeguarding in a learning environment – K/504/0222

Unit 2 – Establishing safe personal boundaries in a learning environment – M/504/0223

Unit 5 – Investigating harassment and bullying in a learning environment – MJ/504/0224

Unit 6 – Recognising abuse in a learning environment – L/504/0228

When completing your answers ensure you read the question and the verb to allow you to achieve the outcome.

Identify – This would encourage to you complete a list of bullet points within your answer. 

Explain – This answer would need to be more than a sentence. A small paragraph that has allowed you to demonstrate your understanding, with some clear reasons within your answer.

Describe – This answer will need to be more than a sentence. You will be expected to write a short paragraph that fully describes the point you are trying to make.

Summarise – This answer will need more than just a sentence. You will be expected to write a paragraph or overview of the main text.

When you submit your answers, these will be marked independently, and you will know the outcome within 10 days. You will be provided with clear feedback on the outcome.

Your answers will not be saved until you press submit.

If you feel you have been assessed unfairly, you are within your rights to appeal the assessment decision. We would encourage you to discuss the result with your assessor in the first instance and should this not be satisfactory, please refer to the City Skills website or follow the link to our appeals policy.