1.5 String Basics

Quote marks
A string is a sequence of characters enclosed by matching single (‘) or double (“) quotes. Ex: “Happy birthday!” and ’21’ are both strings.

To include a single quote (‘) in a string, enclose the string with matching double quotes (“). Ex: “Won’t this work?” To include a double quote (“), enclose the string with matching single quotes (‘). Ex: ‘They said “Try it!”, so I did’.

Valid stringInvalid string
“17” or ’17’17
“seventeen” or ‘seventeen’seventeen
“Where?” or ‘Where?’“Where?’
“I hope you aren’t sad.”‘I hope you aren’t sad.’
‘The teacher said “Correct!” ‘ “The teacher said “Correct!” “

len() function
A common operation on a string object is to get the string length, or the number of characters in the string.
The len() function, when called on a string value, returns the string length.

Concatenation is an operation that combines two or more strings sequentially with the concatenation operator
(+). Ex: “A” + “part” produces the string “Apart”.

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