Coaching Professional

Coaching Professional Apprenticeship Level 5

In response to a growing demand to professionalise coaching in business settings, including one-to-one coaching, team coaching and leadership coaching, the Coaching Professional Apprenticeship is designed to provide senior managers and business leaders with the tools and techniques to improve individual and team performance and to embed coaching within their organisationā€™s wider practice, approach, and culture.

The Coaching Professional Apprenticeship ensures coaches within a business have the advanced theory, skills, and strategies to engage and empower others to enhance their professional performance. Professional coaches build the self-belief of others encouraging them to be curious and self-aware, making them better equipped  to collaborate, innovate and deal with daily challenges and the fast pace of change.

Effective coaching is future focused, releases potential, and enables transition, transformation and change for long-term, sustainable improvement. Professional coaching skills also create effective leaders who can foster a growth mindset by raising aspirations, providing meaningful feedback and holding people accountable for their actions. Coaches empower others to drive their organisation forward by embedding a collaborative culture of continual, sustained improvement to realise both professional and organisational goals.

This apprenticeship duration is 14 months.


The Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours covered during your apprenticeship training.

Gateway and EPA

How we deliver the apprenticeship and how it is assessed in your end-point assessment.


View the overview document below that explains the apprenticeship in more detail.

Who is it for?
  • Senior leaders
  • Middle managers
  • HR managers
  • Mentors
  • Trainers/ lead practitioners
Entry Requirements

Whilst any entry requirements will be a matter for individual employers, an apprentice will have achieved maths and English Level 2 qualifications

Coaching Professional 1
Coaching Professional 2
Coaching Professional 3
Coaching Professional Apprentices will learn the following core knowledge and skills throughout their training:
  • Design and develop coaching contracts that meet professional and organisational goals
  • Deliver highly effective coaching sessions that ensure clarity of purpose, confidence to act and a drive to succeed.  
  • Demonstrate sophisticated interpersonal skills when working with others, generating rapport and trust
  • Utilise a wide range of coaching tools and techniques to enable reflection, shift mindsets, and embed new habits 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of coaching interactions to measure impact, assure quality and prompt self-development
  • Lead an organisational coaching strategy to ensure coaching embeds across practice, approach, and culture
Session Plan

By exploring the latest research and thinking, you will:

  • define and articulate what coaching is, and is not, as well as understand when it can be a powerful tool for developing others.
  • discover how to setup coaching so it is impactful.
  • learn some of the fundamental skills of coaching, like effective listening and responding.

By exploring the latest research and thinking, you will:

  • learn how to manage the coaching process, ensuring a careful balance is maintained between exploring the strategic and the operational.
  • learn how detect problems and overcome barriers to change.
  • understand, analyse, and apply a range of coaching models.

By exploring the latest research and thinking, you will:

  • gain strategies to listen out for values, beliefs and assumptions and the tools to tackle them.
  • learn how to shift a goal into one that is empowering and motivating.
  • explore powerful feedback techniques to promote deep thinking.

By exploring the latest research and thinking, you will:

  • explore how to create a vision for coaching.
  • learn strategies for setting goals that inspire action and change.
  • apply techniques for effective action planning.

By exploring the latest research and thinking, you will:

  • adapt your coaching practice to different personality types.
  • apply advanced contracting techniques to ensure impact.
  • explore tools for managing emotions to ensure acceptance and growth.

By exploring the latest research and thinking, you will:

  • learn how to articulate your progress and impact as a coach.
  • explore how to lead and embed a high-performing coaching culture.
  • apply your coach expertise to provide feedback to other coaching professionals.
Delivery Model

The programme has been designed for delivery online and/or face-to-face. Our COVID safe delivery model means staff can complete their training anywhere, including the office, training room or even from home with the support of a City Skills tutor.

This 14-month apprenticeship programme consists of seven, three-hour facilitated sessions with a series of post session challenges. These post session challenges will involve:

  • Coaching three colleagues around an organisational improvement project. 
  • Completing six short assignments, articulating your views on several key issues relating to coaching, for example, the importance of contracting and re-contracting.
  • Six activities to engage with theory relating to professional coaching, from feedback methods to models for auditing organisational culture. 

Our courses at various points of the year typically January, April and September.

End Point Assessment

Following successful completion of the Gateway, you will proceed to end point assessment (EPA).
The EPA is undertaken by an independent assessment organisation chosen by your employer.
The End Point assessment components are:

  • Observation of two coaching sessions – showcasing the skills learned as a coach
  • Interview – relating to the apprentice’s learning journey and impact to date
  • Scenario-based Knowledge Test – covering how an apprentice can apply key theory in practice

The overall grade of Fail, Pass or Distinction will be determined by the End Point Assessment organisation.

Qualifications and professional recognition:

On completion, apprentices will be qualified as a Level 5 coaching professional and affiliated to several international accrediting bodies.  

Recognised by:

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council

The Association for Coaching

The International Coach Federation