Getting to Know CIPD: A Quick History Trip

CIPD isn’t just another organisation—it’s THE place for HR professionals looking to up their game. It’s been around for more than a century, starting as a small professional body and growing into a global community. It’s all about giving HR professionals the tools, knowledge, and skills to make a real difference in the workplace.

Membership Levels: There’s Something for Everyone

No matter where you’re at in your HR journey, CIPD has a membership level for you. From newbies to seasoned pros, they’ve got the resources, networking opportunities, and career boosters that show the world you mean business.

Why Bother Joining CIPD?

Joining CIPD is like getting the ultimate backstage pass in the HR world. It’s your ticket to the latest industry trends, professional development courses, and a network of like-minded professionals who get what you’re about. Plus, it sends a clear signal: you’re serious about making work better for everyone. Who is membership for?

Membership GradeDescription
Student MemberFor those studying a CIPD qualification, building their learning and career prospects.
Foundation MemberTargets professionals providing tactical support with their HR knowledge.
Associate MemberFor operational professionals contributing to people issues and solutions with some complexity.
Chartered MemberAimed at professionals who work both strategically and operationally, managing change.
Chartered FellowFor senior professionals with strategic insight, combining people expertise with commercial acumen.
Academic MembershipFor teachers, lecturers, and researchers in HR and learning and development fields.
Affiliate MemberFor non-HR and L&D professionals seeking access to CIPD resources and events.
Chartered CompanionThe highest level of recognition, awarded through nomination, for exceptional leaders.

CIPD as Your Career’s Secret Weapon

As the ones setting the standards for HR qualifications, CIPD makes sure you’re not just good at your job—you’re outstanding. Their qualifications are like gold dust, recognised worldwide and showing you’re on top of your game, whether you’re pushing for performance, championing inclusivity, or leading change.

LevelQualification Names
Foundation– Certificate in People Practice
Associate– Diploma in People Management
– Diploma in Learning and Development
Advanced– Diploma in Strategic People Management
– Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development
University– Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (CIPD accredited)
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Why CIPD Is A Big Deal

CIPD’s mix of history, membership perks, and its stamp of approval on HR education makes it a powerhouse. It’s not just about being part of a club. It’s about joining a movement that’s all about making work better, for everyone.


  • How do CIPD qualifications stand out? CIPD qualifications are globally recognised, reflecting the highest standards in HR and L&D. They show you’re trained to handle the latest challenges and opportunities in the workplace.
  • Can CIPD membership really speed up my HR career? Yes, it offers access to resources, networking, and professional development that can significantly enhance your career prospects and visibility in the HR field.
  • What cool stuff do I get access to as a CIPD member? Members enjoy exclusive research insights, online resources, development tools, and opportunities to connect with HR professionals worldwide.
  • In what ways does CIPD make a splash in the HR community? CIPD influences HR practices globally through its research, policy work, and by setting professional standards, shaping the future of work and the HR profession.

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Did you know?: You receive the Diploma in People Management as part of the People Professional L5 Apprenticeship. You can be any age and it won’t cost you a thing!