City Skills Teaching Apprenticeships

A significant amount of our apprenticeships are provided to teachers in schools

 With great teaching and leadership comes great learning, see how our apprenticeships will help your school

The TLC model

We have a unique group of comprehensive professional Teaching and Learning, Leadership, and Coaching (TLC) training programmes. 

These programmes help develop new skills, empowers staff to enhance their leadership of teaching and learning, and builds successful teaching and learning culture.

Growth Culture

We provide apprenticeships that promote an organizational mindset,  focused on helping employees develop their limitless potential.

Our Apprenticeships

Educational Leader 

This leadership programme supports intermediate leaders to design an ambition curriculum across their subject or specialist field while ensuring that high-quality teaching it is successfully implemented. This programme is aimed at aspiring, and existing middle leaders.

Educational Practitioner (ASEP) L4

This course will help you build expert understanding of what great teaching looks like and how to grow this in others via fascilitating high-quality CPD & coaching using OLEVI’s Analytic model. 

Education Coach 

This programme offers specialised and advanced skills and strategies for coaching, mentoring and assessing. Delegates will be capable of connecting with, guiding and developing individuals to teach more effectively.

Teaching Assistant 

 The primary role of the Teaching Assistant is to support the teacher to enhance pupils’ learning, ensuring pupils remain on task and make progress. Teaching Assistants are good role models, act with honesty and integrity and contribute to planning and class activities.

  Why our apprenticeships are so effective 

•  We identify teaching talent already in place in schools and encourage it to thrive 

•  We inspire a Growth Culture where both teachers and pupils are encouraged to be proactive in their learning

•  We encourage a profound awareness of what it means to be an exceptional practitioner

•  We provide the tools and methods to drive schools and organisations forward

•  We provide the challenge and inspiration to grow a culture of excellence and innovation – no matter what the context.

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