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Learning Professionals Central to Learning Culture

Changing the ā€œcultureā€ of any organisation is a real challenge. In the face of so many other challenges, it is easy to focus instead on day-to-day tactical issues of recruitment, production and infrastructure, but in order to really handle change, innovation, engagement, collaboration and the benefits this brings, the aim of every organisation should be

Seven Behaviours for Success

There are many elements needed to make a business successful. Broadly, these include; effective project and budget management, understanding and satisfying customersā€™ needs and wants while being able to deploy internal key resources effectively.  However, one of the main drivers of business success is the on-going behaviour of its workforce. When employees, managers and leaders

The Importance of Learning and Developmentļæ¼

Following a volatile two years, employers now face the perfect storm of issues related to rising business and living costs, a fierce war on talent, widening skills gaps and making hybrid working a permanent reality for those who want it.  With so many different areas to focus on at once businesses may be forgiven for