Level 5 Coaching Professional Multiple-Choice Knowledge Test

Purpose of the Multiple-Choice Knowledge Test

The Coaching Professional End Point Assessment consists of three components. One of these components is the Multiple-choice Knowledge Test.

The Multiple-choice Knowledge Test will assess your understanding of the following areas of the Coaching Professional Standard:

  • Theories of learning and reflective practice
  • The theories of emotional and social intelligence
  • Diversity and inclusion and bias theory and the theory of self-actualisation
  • The theory of organisational culture (and values) and leadership styles
  • Coaching theory
  • Methods of communication and theories of relationship management
  • Theories of increasing self-awareness and types of feedback
  • The differences and similarities between coaching, mentoring, training, counselling, and consulting.
  • Relevant legislation
Format of the Multiple-Choice Knowledge Test

The Knowledge will last 90 minutes and consists of 40 questions. Each question will have 4 possible options, 1 of which will be correct, and will be worth 1 mark each.  

10 multiple-choice questions will be based on two given scenarios, 5 questions will be asked per scenario which will still require you to select 1 option from a choice of 4. The given scenario will be 100 – 150 words long and based on a true to life management scenario

The Knowledge Test is a closed book test and must be taken under exam conditions.