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Continuous Improvement Apprenticeships: Lean Six Sigma DMAIC model

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is the amalgamation of two improvement methodologies. Firstly ‘Lean’ which targets the elimination of waste in production and service-based processes. Secondly, ‘Six Sigma’ defects by reducing variation in in a particular business processes.  Lean has a bias towards action and is underpinned by five core principles. Identifying value, undertaking value […]

South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust Achieves Continuous Improvement through Apprenticeships

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with City Skills to deliver the  Improvement Leader Apprenticeship in order to provide support for its front-line teams to make improvements and efficiencies in all of their projects.  Traditionally, continuous improvement in healthcare settings is a systematic approach to enhancing quality and outcomes of care, safety, patient experience and process […]

Seven Behaviours for Success

There are many elements needed to make a business successful. Broadly, these include; effective project and budget management, understanding and satisfying customers’ needs and wants while being able to deploy internal key resources effectively.  However, one of the main drivers of business success is the on-going behaviour of its workforce. When employees, managers and leaders […]

The Role of L&D in a VUCA World

What is a VUCA world? Today’s world could be described as somewhat chaotic, partly because of the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and partly because of the enormous shifts that businesses across the UK- and indeed the globe- have had to make in response.  The pace of change has been terrific in the last […]

Coaching to Support Workforce Transformation

The last two years can be described broadly as a period of change. Employees and employers alike have had to manage transitions on unprecedented scales as the pandemic has changed how we work, collaborate and learn, possibly forever. Throughout the pandemic, the subsequent economic and social challenges have led to increases in mental health issues. […]

How HR Apprenticeships Support People Professionals in a Constantly Changing World

Following a volatile two years, people professionals have been responsible for adapting to and managing the effects of first Brexit, then the pandemic, but now find themselves faced with a tangled web of new issues related to rising business and living costs, fierce competition for talent, widening skills gaps and making hybrid working a permanent reality […]