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Why should teachers do a coaching apprenticeship?

Coaching as an approach to support professional and personal development towards achieving set goals, is a well-established practice in the fields of sports training and organisational management and is now one of the fastest-growing professional development methods in the education field.  A coaching relationship fosters leadership and improves dialogue in a way that has a […]

What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Teaching?

All organisations, in almost every sector, are trying to get the best out of their people. Managers and senior leaders are responsible for ensuring teams are performing at their best in order to achieve optimal performance both for themselves and their organisation.  Two ways of achieving improved performance are through coaching and teaching. There are […]

Benefits/Impact of Coaching in Schools

Coaching Professional in Education Apprenticeship Level 5 apprenticeship has been designed to equip senior teachers and middle managers with the tools and techniques to improve performance and facilitate growth through individual, team and leadership coaching. It will also help to embed a coaching culture within a school’s wider practice and approach. By the end of their […]

Apprenticeships: Coaching Skills for Senior School Leaders

Every school needs a strong, highly skilled team of senior leaders supporting the head teacher to inspire, lead and sustain improvement across the school. But, every senior leader working in the current educational landscape is subject to considerable scrutiny and pressure to raise standards and ensure a quality learning experience for all students. For those […]

Why HR Apprenticeships are key to business recovery 

As the UK economy emerges from the Covid pandemic, many employers will be turning their attention to formalising work patterns for the new ‘normal’. Whether this is a remote, office-based or hybrid model, it will largely involve communicating with staff to set out new working practices and redesigning workspaces to adhere to health and safety […]

Apprenticeships: Develop Your Senior School Leadership Team

It is a common thought that promoting apprenticeships in school is all about inspiring students about the wide range of opportunities that apprenticeships can offer, however, there is a growing body of schools across England who are accessing apprenticeship funding to boost their training and development budgets and unlock an exciting range of programmes for […]

City Skills Give Apprenticeship Boost to Norfolk County Council

With a workforce of more than 7,000 people, Norfolk County Council (NCC) is one of the largest employers in the region, paying regularly into the Apprenticeship Levy. This National Apprenticeship Week, apprenticeship advisor, Emma Murgatroyd, one of five members of the NCC apprenticeship team, explains how important apprenticeships are for the County Council workforce plans […]

Continuous Improvement Apprenticeships: Lean Six Sigma DMAIC model

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is the amalgamation of two improvement methodologies: firstly ‘Lean’ which targets the elimination of waste in production and service-based processes and ‘Six Sigma defects by reducing variation in in a particular business processes.  Lean has a bias towards action and is underpinned by five core principles: Identifying value, undertaking value […]

Apprenticeships put Human Resource at the HeaRt of Business 

Across the UK, there is a war on talent raging. A business’s human resource is a recognised source of competitive advantage. To maintain this advantage it is vital that an HR function understands all aspects of organisational strategy; its aims, objectives, strengths and weaknesses in order to identify the gaps in personnel or skills that […]

Businesses can still recieve up to £4000 for every new apprentice hired before the end of January 2022.

In July 2020, the Government announced new incentive payments for employers to encourage them to recruit new apprentices. Originally planned to end on 31 January 2021, they will now finish at the end of January 2022. The amount each business will receive for every new apprentice hired was also increased to £3,000 from April 2021. […]

How My City Skills Apprenticeship Has Changed My Future

City Skills provide bespoke apprenticeships ranging from Level 3 Apprenticeships. to our new Senior Leadership Level 7 (Master’s Degree) Apprenticeship. We form partnerships with businesses and schools to provide training to staff and teachers across England. I am an employee and a Digital Marketing Apprentice at City Skills. Over the past 4 months, I have […]