Advanced Skills Educational Leader (ASEL) Level 5 Apprenticeship

Inspired by the Outstanding leader in Education (OLE) OLEVI programme, our Advanced Skills Educational Leader Award (Level 5) has been designed for aspiring or recently appointed senior leaders looking to improve their leadership capability. Participants complete the Operations or Departmental Manager apprenticeship standard alongside a technical certificate created by education sector training experts OLEVI. 

We’ve designed this apprenticeship to support dual professionals seeking to advance their teaching careers into management. It provides school middle managers the chance to develop skills and knowledge essential for success as effective senior managers.

Candidates access cutting-edge theory, resources, and delivery through OLEVI’s leadership program, informed by the latest research and evidence. This equips them to design ambitious curricula within their subject or specialty area, ensuring successful implementation with high-quality teaching.

This apprenticeship equips school leaders with the tools and techniques to develop their own leadership style by reviewing their own ability and identifying potential development opportunities in order to motivate their team through effective leadership equipped with the techniques to solve problems and inform decision making.

Candidates apply cross-sector leadership and management practice to their school context, providing a greater challenge and a broader perspective to organisational improvements. Candidates also engage in school-based activities, where they apply learning to their daily roles, aiding the development and refinement of organizational leadership and management skills. 

Typical Roles Include:

This programme is aimed at aspiring and existing middle leaders in schools. This programme can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each cohort.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. Since assessments rely on personal experience, you must hold a team leader/management position to complete them effectively. Previous completion of other OLEVI programmes may be useful but not essential.

This apprenticeship duration is 15 months.


The Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours covered during your apprenticeship training.

Delivery and EPA

How we deliver the apprenticeship and how it is assessed in your end-point assessment.


View the overview document below that explains the apprenticeship in more detail.


The Advanced Skills Educational Leader apprenticeship (inspired by the OLE OLEVI programme) helps to develop a number of new skills and knowledge that will allow individuals to:

  • Gain skills to develop and grow their teams, through challenge, collaboration and feedback, so they can consistently deliver high quality teaching and improved student outcomes 
  • Reflect openly and rationally on their own leadership and create an effective personal development plan to move forward
  • Develop specialist knowledge in how to successfully design a coherent and well sequenced curriculum of learning
  • Use relevant tools to systemically measure the knowledge and skills their students have developed at every stage of learning. This means they can review the impact of their curriculum – and adapt it if necessary 
  • Gain a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for great leadership and management of a subject area in today’s educational landscape
  • Create and articulate a well thought out, ambitious vision of what and how students learn in their subject area. 
OLEVI Programme
OLEVI Programme 1
OLEVI Programme 2
Delivery model

Our secure delivery model means teaching staff can complete their training anywhere, including the office, training room or even from home. 

This programme includes 6 x half-day mandatory training sessions completed throughout the year using secure web-based software. Apprentices will attend their tutorials before completing guided study for the rest of that day.

Our courses start at various points in the year, typically every 4 months. All enrolments must be completed two weeks before the 1st Digital classroom session.

End Point Assessment

After successfully completing the Gateway meeting to assess your readiness for EPA, you’ll proceed to the end-point assessment (EPA), which your employer selects an independent assessment organisation for.

The End Point assessment components are:

  • A Portfolio of Evidence
  • Work based project with professional discussion 
  • A presentation based on the learning Journal 
  • A knowledge test using leadership scenarios.

The End Point Assessment organization will decide the overall grade: Fail, Pass, or Distinction.

Professional CMI Registration and Progression

On completion, apprentices can register as full members with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and/or the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Those with three years of management experience can apply for Chartered Manager status through the CMI.