Name Email Selected KSB Evidence File Evidence Detail Approval Status
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S6.2 Feedback on tender technical questions This is a piece of evidence that emphasizes my approach to seeking feedback on my work and acting on it to improve my performance approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S6.1, HRL5 K1.3 HMRC Workers rights seminar registration This evidence show cases my commitment to keeping up to date with HR legal/ policy and process changes approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S6.3, HRL5 S6.1, HRL5 K1.3, HRL5 B1.2 Registration confirmation for REC Health and Social Care event July 2024 I have chosen this evidence as it can attest to my commitment to plan my own personal development and keeping up to date with business changes relevant to my role. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S4.2 Coaching managers This evidence show cases the support given to managers in handling difficult conversations with clients, interpreting the terms of business and formulating written response to challenges from a contact. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S4.1, HRL5 K2.2 100 days to success plan This evidence show cases my ability of supporting the division with training in their development approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S2.3, HRL5 K1.2 Safeguarding investigation notes This evidence show cases my ability to deal with escalated people issues and work with the business to resolve them. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S2.2, HRL5 K3.1 Email regarding restructure This evidence show cases my ability to make judgements based on business needs. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S2.2, HRL5 S2.1, HRL5 K1.1 Meeting booked based on Relationships at Work Policy This evidence show cases my ability to offer advice based on policy and protecting the interests of the business as well as the employees. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S6.1 Flexible Working Policy See evidence pending
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S1.4, HRL5 S1.3, HRL5 K2.1 Policy for Healthcare Division This is an example of a policy that I have created specifically for the Healthcare Division to meet contractual requirements approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S7.2, HRL5 S7.1, HRL5 S1.2, HRL5 S3.1 Approval on refer a friend scheme This show cases my ability to get approval on my division using a refer a friend scheme designed only for the Healthcare Division. This was a complicated process as the Compliance Manager had to agree the process being used which couldn't be applied to the wider business due to GLAA license. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 B1.2, HRL5 B1.1, HRL5 S5.1, HRL5 S1.1 5 months reforecast narative This evidence show casts number of decisions I have taken in restructuring the Division to maintain profitability and presenting it to the Managing Director. pending
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 B2.1 providing Wellbeing Walks We arranged regular 'wellbeing walks' to take place to encourage our staff to get out of the office at lunch and walk with other colleagues, making their days better and helping wellbeing at work. This was in response to negative results of our 2023 Wellbeing Survey, therefore we wanted to make working days more positive. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 B1.1 Ensuring managers meet HR deadlines Must keep up to date with HR deadlines, and communicate with managers ensuring we are receiving all necessary information. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S3.1 Updating advertising to LinkedIn As part of my lead on our Recruitment and Communications project, i found using LinkedIn would be a positive change to our resourcing process, as using this social media platform is more up to date and benefits the applications we would receive. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S4.2 Advising Managers about applying HR policy to staff issues Giving advice to a manager about how an HR policy can be applied to a staff issue they were having, following best practice. approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S2.1 Advising payroll procedures Giving clear advice and clearly explaining HR policies and procedures to staff approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S7.2 Leading Joint Chief Executive pre-employment Confidently in charge of ensuring all pre-employment clearances smoothly completed by our new Joint Chief Executive - highest senior management approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S5.1 Benchmarking report It shows analysis and presentation of HR data approved
[email protected] [email protected] HRL5 S1.3 Joint Chief Exec Conditional contract Our process is usually to send out contracts at end of pre-employment process. However, in high priority situations we tailor this and send conditional contracts at the beginning, such as for Senior roles like the Joint Chief Executive. approved